• Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about running across an Ironman finish line or completing your first marathon?

  • Have you ever imagined how good it would feel to look in the mirror and see a fit body?

  • Have you ever thought about how great it would be to set an example for your kids?

We want to help you get there!

Our coaching services deliver a personalized roadmap that will help you make meaningful lifestyle changes to support your big fitness goal. We work with you to refine your goal and develop a practical plan to achieve it. Whether it's your first 5K or your first Ironman distance triathlon, we'll provide tailored advice to help you succeed - no matter what else is going on in your world.

Your personalized roadmap will include:

  1. A specific and measurable goal with a deadline that we help you to identify and ensure is the best fit for you.
  2. Milestones to help you stay accountable and celebrate success along your journey.
  3. Specific to do's that will take the guesswork out of how to pursue your goal and will help you to sustain your confidence.
  4. A daily routine to ensure that you stay on track and have a solid plan to address obstacles as they arise.
  5. Resources that you can reference when you're in need of guidance.

Hugo Mendez, Founder of CHASKIS

Hi, I’m Hugo Mendez, the Founder of CHASKIS

At CHASKIS, we believe in developing a holistic plan for our clients. We'll help you pick the right goal and develop the mindset, habits and self-discipline that you need to work toward that goal. Our aim is to give you a plan to follow on days when you feel motivated and to support you on days when you don’t. This approach is the result of almost 20 years of competing in endurance sports and learning, testing, and developing tools, habits and routines to build self-discipline and resilience.

Choose a Pricing Option


30 Minute Get To Know CHASKIS Session

For those who are curious about this service and want to know more.

After this discussion, you will walk away with at least 3 suggestions that you can put in place right away, free of cost, in order to help you make progress on your fitness goal. This is a session to help you learn more about Hugo, CHASKIS, our philosophy and our approach to coaching. Our goal with this session is to help you assess if we're a good fit for you. Prior to the call, we'll ask you to complete a short survey so we can use this time efficiently and identify some opportunities for you right off the bat!


Personalized Roadmap To Success

For those who are looking to jump start their journey to a big fitness goal.

This option consists of 2 Phases. In Phase 1, we will do a 60 minute Zoom session where you’ll discuss with Hugo your fitness goal, the obstacles you’ve encountered in achieving your goal, your current daily habits and routines. In Phase 2 (and within one week of your Zoom session), we’ll send you a personalized roadmap to success to your inbox. The roadmap will include goal refinement, milestones and recommendations for routines, strategies and other tips that can help you to achieve the self-discipline you need in order to pursue your goal.


Personalized Roadmap + Deep Dive One Month Coaching Package

For those who need the Roadmap plus weekly accountability meetings.

This option includes the Personalized Roadmap To Success plus FOUR-60 minute coaching sessions. During the first session with this package, Hugo will help you define your goal and milestones. The second session will identify potential roadblocks and resources needed. Session three will establish important routines and habits for success. The final session will focus on refining the roadmap and ensuring the sustainability of the plan.


30 Minute Follow Up Session

If you're struggling to follow your roadmap or just need some advice/encouragement.

This 30 minute session includes more 1:1 time with Hugo to discuss anything that is holding you back and modify your roadmap accordingly.


Weekly calls and accountability texts

For those who just need that extra nudge to get it done.

Each week, we will give you a call or text (your preference) to check in and see what's happening with your training.